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12.10.2008 02:01, Elliot Naess from Northern California E-mail :
Dear Sirs:
I just enjoyed the three chapters on Light Sports Roadsters. What lovely automobiles! But most facinating to me was that some of these machines -- such as the Frazer Nash TT Replica -- used a chain gang transmission with as many as four ratios.
I have been toying with the idea of fabricating a chain gang transmission for some time now, and would love to learn how they were built back then. I do understand the basic dog clutch, but there is no doubt more to it.
I have previously found schematics of some motorcycle two speed chain gangs, and this was helpful, but any and all further guidance would be much appreciated.
Most cordially,
Elliot S. Naess

05.09.2008 02:30, James A. Gossett E-mail :
I have an original patent and patent model of a front drive system. It was issued on June 19, 1923 to John O. Schwartz. If you have any interest in this piece of history please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, James A. Gossett 702-426-1246.

22.09.2007 13:23, george boyle E-mail :
i am intrested in your gtm rossa kit car ,and wondering if you could post to me more info. on the kit including the price of the gtm rossa kit car .
yhank you

Page: < 1, 2
Entries: 13
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