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16.01.2016 21:58, GIRLS CAM from E-mail Homepage :
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25.04.2014 11:24, Ben Caswell from SE London E-mail :
Interested in the Marlin FTC 217W as we are trying to put a name and chassis number to your car for the MOC archive. Many thanks Ben Caswell.

24.08.2012 12:31, Geoff Chennells from Adelaide, South Australia E-mail :
The Sizaire et Naudin did not incorporate ".. a special multiple crown wheel" as its gear mechanism.
The crown wheel has only a single row of teeth.

06.05.2012 15:55, Brian Paul Wiegand from Suffolk, New York, USA E-mail :
It seems odd that a web-site dedicated to light cars and their designers should seem to neglect mention of Colin Chapman, the supreme light car designer of all time.

02.03.2012 14:56, Patrick E-mail Homepage : lagonda

02.03.2012 14:55, Patrick E-mail Homepage : lagonda

03.08.2011 05:29, AlloxyCex from AlloxyCex E-mail Homepage :

25.06.2011 21:38, Ron Turner from gatwick E-mail :
Another inaccurate writeup on the Wolseley Hornet Special by some one who's never driven one.
He should see them beat ERA's etc at Silverstone or look at the Brooklands Records to see just how good they are. Perhaps he read the Profiles Book!?

28.12.2010 15:33, Jim Perrin from Ohio, USA E-mail :
Thanks for your web site! Here are a few suggestions on your Denzel writeup in the Mainly for Fun section. The number of cars produced was approximately 64, not 300. (The highest serial number car is DK 164, with Denzel having skipped 100 serial numbers.) There is no documentation or evidence that Denzel ever fitted Porsche engines to his cars. Many owners eventually changed to Porsche or VW engines when their Denzel engines needed parts, which eventually became impossible to obtain. As Wolfgang Denzel developed his cars, he ultimately had his own pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, connecting rods, etc. manufactured but continued to use the VW two-piece crankcase for all his engines.
Jim Perrin, Co-Editor, The Denzel Bulletin.

30.12.2009 06:54, P.Proust E-mail :
In relation to you reference to front wheel drive vehicles, no reference is made to the first successful FWD Tracta, designed & built by J.A.Gregorie & his associate Pierre Fenaille and their success in licencing their FWD systems to , DKW, , then Adler (Trumpf).

Subsquently England took up the licence for their "Tracta joint" for military vehicles & through Bendix, the U.S. started to use the "Tracta joint" for their Jeep production.

I beleive much more credit should be givento this man, in establishing the FWD system as the prefered drive system for most smaller cars of today.

ref. "Best Wheel Forward"plus

Page: 1, 2 >
Entries: 13
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